good fortune


lots of nice things have happened to me lately.

  • my run-in with the man resulted in me failing the course in question. my department persuaded the professor in question to allow me to write a pen-and-paper make up (which i passed).
  • i am helping to write an algorithms & programming course this summer that will be taken by every 1st year engineer at my university starting in september. hopefully, the course will be well-received and convince more people to go into software engineering.
  • i was sponsored to attend guadec. many thanks to the guadec folks and all of the sponsors that made this possible.
  • i am a student in the google summer of code. i will be working with vincent on replacing libpanel-applet with a new libgnome-applet.
  • i got an offer of co-supervision for grad school from the two best professors in the department.
  • one of my supervisors bought me a new macbook, upgraded quite nicely. i’ve made a page about getting ubuntu running on it:
    ubuntu dapper on the apple macbook. please go to this page. if you have any information that you think i’d like to know, email me!

that is all for now.