"concerns about the election process"

i recently made a post to the foundation-list about concerns about the election process.

two of the issues that i brought up was that it’s impossible for a truly paranoid individual to know for sure that his vote has been properly counted or that nobody logged his choices.

the second issue is quite hard to solve but i’ve produced a proof of concpt for what a solution to the first problem might look like.

props go to behdad for the idea of encoding the user’s voting choices into their token (allowing the user to prove, later on, that their vote was incorrectly recorded).

so here it is: possible future voting system prototype.

there is no index file for that directory and in the same directory i’ve included .phps versions of all of the files so that you can inspect the source. consider the source as being under the gpl. please try to find problems with the system (both conceptual problems and code bugs) and let me know about them.