dear lazyweb: svdo? add2? mec? confusion.

so i’ve decided to go all-intel with my new computer. i’ve bought a new case, new memory, a new core 2 duo cpu and this new intel mainboard. the idea is that with the x3000 onboard with dvi output i wouldn’t need to worry about any proprietary video crud.

putting the computer together yesterday i realised that btx is absolutely and utterly incompatible with atx. the mainboard is completely backwards from how you might expect. furthermore, even the heatsink doesn’t attach to the mainboard properly (since the holes are different).

so i have a choice and i think that btx will lose. i *really* like the atx case i have. i don’t feel like buying another heatsink.

so now i think that the mainboard needs to go back. the thing is: i want an intel mainboard with x3000 video and i want it on a dvi port. the reason i bought this specific board is that it has dvi onboard. the only boards that have this (as far as i can see) are btx.

there are, however, 5 suitable atx mainboards with x3000. they don’t have dvi out, but i understand that i can use this svdo/add2/mec thing in order to get dvi out of it. i’m confused, though. there are a lot of acronyms flying around and i don’t know what is what. do i need special software support? will i need to run modesetting branch? i have no idea. different sources appear to have different information.

ideally, someone would tell me “oh, by the way, intel does make an atx board with dvi onboard”. slightly less than ideally, someone will explain to me exactly what i need to do to make this work.

any help is appreciated.

desktop hero: keith packard

earlier today owen pointed me at this post to the xorg list by keith.

the comments in the post greatly clarify the intended semantics of the effect of window redirection on drawing and expose event delivery. the patch in the post also fixes a bug in that has been bugging me for a little while.

bonus points on top of all of this: the fix allows me to remove a timer abuse from my code! (before the fix, my application wasn’t receiving events so i had to manually schedule refreshes of the window content).

keith: today you rock my world.

now all that is left is to (*hint*) get someone to look at the corresponding bug in gdk and to convince the ubuntu guys to include keith’s patch for feisty.

update: summer of code university ads

mizmo’s poster is now done.

you can see the finished result here:

if you were already on the UniversityAdvertisement page then you’ve been spammed accordingly.

if you’re not already on it then please consider posting some copies of this at your university. add your university and name to this page or get in contact with the person already responsible for your school.

gnome summer of code universities advertisement

one of the results from the last two summer of code meetings is that we’re going to run an ad campaign to increase student awareness of the programme (to get a wider range of applicants).

currently mizmo is working on advertising material (a4 and letter b&w posters that can be printed and posted). we want to have people post these posters around various universities.

if you are at a school and can help us with printing and posting, we want your help. please visit the summer of code 2007 university advertisement page on the wiki and add your name (or coordinate with someone already at your school).