call out to potential mentors for summer of code

the summer of code student application period is scheduled to open on march 24th and remain open until the 31st. at this time we will begin receiving applications from students interested in participating in summer of code with gnome.

after the application period closes, a small selection committee will decide which applications are accepted. we anticipate hundreds of applications from students, however, and in many cases, we will be unaware of the details concerning the area of gnome that the student is interested in working on.

if you’re interested in having students work for the summer on your corner of gnome, please sign up to be a mentor. generally, anyone who is a gnome foundation member will be accepted as a potential mentor. as applications are coming in, please comment on any that interest you and up/downmod as appropriate. indicate if you are willing to mentor a given application. this will make the job of reviewing applications and selecting the winners much easier and makes it more likely that your corner of gnome gets the attention that it deserves.