maybe this saves you some time

if you want to install seed on your ubuntu jaunty system and you are looking for a version of webkit that is sufficiently recent to work with seed, is sufficiently old enough that it doesn’t require you to install a new libsoup and sufficiently unbroken enough to actually compile, then i have a number for you: revision 45557.

that is all :)


21:56 <@hub> desrt: the yet another rewrite of Evo IMAP... more bugs for less features
21:56 * hub wonder why they didn't use Tinymail instead
21:57 <@desrt> i'd like to take a moment to declare that i love pvanhoof
21:58 <@desrt> not for any particular piece of software that he has written; just 'cause.
21:58 <@hub> desrt: I dare you to post that on pgo