desktop summit talks

we just sent out the letters for talk proposals for desktop summit 2011. everyone who proposed a talk should have heard from us by now.

if you haven’t heard from us then please email us to let us know that something got lost along the way.

we will be opening proposals for BoF sessions soon. if your talk was rejected for the main programme, it might still be appropriate to propose a BoF. stay tuned.

one more thing: now is the right time to send applications to the travel committees to request sponsorship.

“i support the release team”

i read the news today, oh boy…

somewhat annoyed to discover the the “GNOME 3” release hackfest that i traveled to india for will not actually result in any sort of a release. it’s true that things have been pretty crazy, but it really seemed like it was going to happen this time around.

i’m also not sure i believe that the “doubts” being discussed about gnome shell are particularly constructive, but i digress…

to all of the (likely many) people who will be upset by today’s announcement, i’d just like to mention one thing: these guys have been working like crazy the past week. this is not being caused by any form of lazy behaviour and i doubt that they’d do it unless it was absolutely necessary.

everyone’s stickers are probably looking a bit beat up by now…