USB3Vision – Looking for devices

As you may have understood from my previous blog post, I’m currently trying to add USB3Vision support in Aravis.

It’s an interesting challenge, as, like for GigEVision, I don’t use the USB2Vision standard documents, and this time I’m also discovering the USB protocol.

So far, what is in master provides a good support for the only camera I have, a Basler acA1920-25um. Performance is quite good, better than with GigEVision (65kB packets help), and it will be even better when I will have removed a useless memory copy operation. I also have to improve the handling of camera deconnections.

That being said, the fact I only have one device at hand means the testing coverage is pretty poor, compared to GigEVision where I have 10 cameras from 4 different manufacturers.

So, if you want to help the aravis project in gaining a good Usb3Vision support, I will gladly accept hardware donations. Preferably from a country member of the European union, in order to avoid custom related troubles. Just send me a private message if you are interested (emmanuel at gnome org).

And of course, I still also welcome GigEVision device donations, especially those with exotic features…