What’s happening with the GNOME Foundation, February and March 2009

[Sorry, just realized this was in draft format all month! – Stormy, May 4, 2009]

Sponsors and the Advisory Board

  • Our February meeting was about infrastructure and system administration issues. We talked about creating a formal sys admin team, what the GNOME project needs and how companies can help with people and money. Sys admin team announced along with donations from Google, Codethink and Canonical.
  • Our March meeting was to update the advisory board members on GUADEC and Desktop Summit planning status.
  • The April meeting will be about GNOME 3.0 and deprecation plans.
  • 2009 Funding.
    • 2009 money is coming in from companies.
    • Balanced our budget to match expected income this year. Hackfest funding is expected to be way down.
    • Hackfests – while all of our sponsors are enthusiastic about hackfests, they are having trouble coming up with funding for them this year due to the budget.
    • We are looking at see if we can do things like fund a usability study- see discussions on the usability list.


Other stuff going on:

  • Friends of GNOME:
    • $6711.35 (since January 1)
    • Please consider showing your GNOME love and signing up!
  • The GNOME Travel Committee has been formed and announced along with a call for GUADEC travel assistance applications.
  • GTK+ Theming API Hackfest, February 16-20, Dublin, Ireland. About 10 people got together in the Sun offices for some GTK+ Theming hacking. Thanks to Alberto Ruiz for pulling this together.
  • We will have preferential voting this year.
  • GNOME 3.0 planning announced!
  • Cancelled the Bolzano GTK+ Hackfest due to lack of sponsorship.
  • Shaun McCance is planning a GNOME documentation hackfest at the Open Source Documentation Conference.
  • You can buy GNOME branded clothing at Hackerthreads, including a new polo shirt and a baseball cap.
  • Libre Graphics Meeting: The GNOME Foundation is sponsoring LGM by handling their donation process for no fee.

For more administrative detail, you can also read the Board of Directors meeting minutes.

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