Friends of GNOME update

In the month of April we raised $3,316, for a total of $10,027.13 since January 1, 2009. (We had a big day on April 30th when John Palmieri posted The GNOME Foundation Needs Your Help.)

Here are some graphs that show recent trends.

Comparing donations by years:

Donations by Year

Comparing donations by month across years:

Compare Months by Year

Showing what percentage of our Friends of GNOME income comes from subscription payments:


In 2009, we were planning on raising $20,000 from Friends of GNOME for general Foundation funds. With the launch of the sys admin team, the Foundation said it would like to be able to hire a part time system administrator to coordinate efforts and in order to do so, we are looking to raise $50,000 from Friends of GNOME. Canonical has agreed to match $10,000 of contributions with the goal being to hire a system administrator for GNOME.

5 thoughts on “Friends of GNOME update”

  1. Some questions:
    Graph 1: is this numbers for the whole year?
    Graph 2: is there a bigger version of this? It’s quite hard to make it out.

  2. Hi,

    In case you’re wondering what that massive spike is in April 2006, it’s the registration payments for GUADEC 2006, which went through Paypal. That year was special because we collected accommodation down payments and registration fees through Paypal. I’m sure if you looked at the previous years (if we had the data) you wouldn’t see the same spike.


  3. Graph 1 is for the whole year with 2009 being numbers year-to-date.

    I put all the data on the wiki and posted to the marketing list.

    The GNOME Foundation is a 501(c)(3) so your donations are most likely tax deductible, check with your tax attorney.

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