Stormy’s Update: Week of May 11, 2009

Short two day week, as I’m off on vacation!

  • GNOME Advisory Board meeting
    • did roundtable
    • Asked who was planning to ship GNOME 3.0. Everybody was interested in shipping it but probably not GNOME 3.0.0. Still working plans about when they’d ship it.
    • Briefly discussed 2009 finances. One person said they’d have preferred a more positive message or a message with a call to support lots of new things. (I pointed out we are planning to use additional money for things like sys admin and hackfests.) Once again it was agreed that lots of subscribers would make for a strong GNOME Foundation and we need to figure out ways to make subscribers feel like they belong.
    • GUADEC advisory board meeting. Most likely the main topic of discussion will be GNOME 3.0 – the advisory board is interested in an update. We’ll also probably have presentations by members. Stormy will send out draft agenda.
    • Heard again that the Canary Islands is not a good destination for corporate travel, especially this year. Several people pointed out that it is cheaper than Istanbul was!
    • Hackfests. This was a short discussion at the end. We had a couple of ideas like hosting them at company sites and approving employee time to participate.
  • Replacing US event box is low on Rosanna’s priority until we have a need for the box. (Event box and some contents were stolen from a volunteer’s apartment after SCALE.)
  • Wrote an article about the GNOME Foundation for the next release of OSBR. (The next issue’s theme is articles written by women in open source.)
  • Pinged lots of people: attorney, travel agent for meeting rooms for board meetings at GUADEC, Google about adsense account, various sponsors about GUADEC sponsorship, …
  • Participated in several discussions on the marketing list on GNOME merchandise, audience themes, Friends of GNOME, …
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