Stormy’s Update, Week of May 4, 2009

  • Marketing
    • GNOME 3.0 Marketing
      • Working on a plan for GNOME 3.0 marketing with Paul Cutler. Paul sent out a plan to create a plan. We will use the discussion and feedback on the list to create a calendar. See thread on the marketing mailing list if you are interested in participating.
      • Planning GNOME 3.0 BOF at GUADEC with Paul Cutler.
    • Working on standard presentations for GNOME for people interested in speaking on GNOME.
    • Discussed whether we’d want to add ads to (Rumor has it they could be worth up to $145K/year.)
    • Agreed to approach Google about sharing revenue generated from search from aps like Epiphany.
    • Put together a draft for how to recruit sponsors for GNOME.
  • Legal stuff:
    • Agreement with SugarCRM for free use of their services being reviewed by attorneys.
    • 401K plan being reviewed by attorneys. (Setting up a GNOME Foundation 401K with SocialK. Plan costs, including matching funds for Rosanna and Stormy, to be covered by a paycut to Stormy.)
    • GNOME Accessibility Outreach program contract. Modified the contest contract to be a more generic contract so that we can continue to have people work on the tasks even though the contest is officially over. Sent to attorney for review.
  • Friends of GNOME
    • got feedback from several people, brought it up on the marketing list
    • published April data
    • discussed how to get data for a ruler on the webpage
  • Desktop Summit
    • On going: Looking for rooms for the adboard and board meeting. Looking for a local person to help work with two sponsors that want to host parties. (In addition to the two that are already connected.)
    • Pinged companies that have not finalized sponsoring plans. Finalized agreement with two of them. Still several outstanding.
  • Sponsors:
    • Exchanged email with three companies interested in signing up. (These have been on-going conversations for a while.)
    • Contacted two other companies I think might be interested. Had a phone discussion with one.
    • Pinged one that is way behind on payments.

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