Great news from GNOME Foundation who
is running the Women’s Summer Outreach Program., stargirl,
and Kosai give more info about it, so go girls there’s a nice chance for you too!

Last night was not very good, there was a strong storm, and tried to rob my wife’s vehicle, my children got to our bed and I stay awake from the 2 A.M., so i start to put some love on Gestor.

Gestor was our very first try to work with OSS tools, and my fist attempt to work with python and pygtk, so if you see that old code, you’ll find a lot of stupid things done there, also UI it’s not HIG.

In the chilean list some people were asking for some updates in this project, and i must say that i’m very very apathetic to work on it.

But since we need some updates for Galilea S.A. where i work, i start to make those changes, so you can see and old window from Gestor:

and the new one

all the overloaded fields are reorganized in dialogs and tabs

There are some things that i need to finish then i’ll upload those changes to Gestor CVS

Well i’m back from my vacations, for those people who sent me mails please be patient i will respond next monday. As a quick update just to say that we went to Iloca Beach this summer my wife and children and my fathers in law, we get back yesterday and Catalina my elder daughter get sick with fever we carry her to the clinic and the doctor gave us some order for exams today but her night was very bad and today we go with her again to the clinic, no she is there and will sleep there tonight, i’m at home taking care of Francisco my young son and waiting to my mother to get back at the clinic, it seems like and infection and the medic still don’t know what it is. I hope that Catalina be good there and get well very soon, i’ll be later with her.
Next monday i’ll start with my duties after a very good vacations, i was 15 days without computer and internet, a good record for me!

Yes!, and she is Michelle Bachelet, i’m so proud to be here being part of this change for Chile, today my country is celebrating one of the most important step in our republican life since our return to democracy in 1989, 17 years of progress and growth, but there still are many task to do, a lot of social inequality, a shameful gap between rich and poor. My only concern is for this 17 year with the same people in the goverment, the corruption begins to appear, i hope that Michelle can change this and show to world that in Chile we have the same opportunities both for mens and womens. VIVA CHILE!

GNOME Love and GNOME meetings

December 29, 2005

As Claudio said in his post there are some important and silly barriers that prevent new people join the GNOME Project, we have some useful tools to support new developers/users, but some times many people don’t have time to give a good support. There are some threads at the marketing list where we’re trying to find new ways to do a good marketing for the project, but being a good neighbor is the first one, some times i feel that we forget this. On the other hand there is a proposal to set personas as examples of success cases, may be there could be some developers who take adventage of tools like Mono, GTK#, PyGTK.

Federico sometimes makes me feel hungry.

Merry Christmas and a better New Year for everybody!

GUADEC Registration

December 18, 2005

As in the last GUADEC we started an online payment system we get a lot of complains (congrats too) about payment process, so for the next GUADEC we have many ideas and suggestions, but if you want to say something please feel free to contact us before we finish our work!, there will be a testing site where you can check what are we trying to do this year, at least i want to get a fast and simple (easy to use and just working) system for everyone who wants to attend at GUADEC, so now you know your opinion is important for us!

Not too nerd

November 30, 2005

So I guess that my married life and my children are make me be more normal human being.

I am nerdier than 67% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Happy birthday to myself

November 23, 2005

Today i’m 31 years old! so:

fsmw.age += 1

ADSL shit ever

November 23, 2005

Rodrigo has post a story about adsl service by Telefonica, in Chile is not quite different in fact the company where i work was in the same situation this year, Telefonica has some bussiness policies like do not allow IP Phone on their adsl lines, also they block ports for other dangerous services (dangerous for their monopoly), so finally you only can browse web pages with their “broad band” lines, enough for a people who pay for “internet” as you see, people don’t know the difference between internet and web browsing. Other problem is that they don’t support linux, even they punish you if you don’t have windows on your machine, its a crime!, windows users are nice people and deserve service, even if they don’t pay for a license, linux users are “hackers” and hackers are bad people, at least in Chile means to be a cyber delincuent and is better to be away from them. Othe annoying policy from telefonica is that they sell “licences” for their lines, i mean if you pay for a single user you can’t connect a hub or a gateway server to your adsl modem, it’s not allowed, you need to pay for a 5 user service or a multiuser service( off course more expensive than single user), even if technically the service is the same. As you see this is the kind of thing that you can do if you’re a monopoly.

in the middle earth

November 18, 2005


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