Hi all,

I’m releasing 0.3 release of Gnome Scan. This release add a major feature in GnomeScan and Flegita : Mass acquisition. Now GnomeScan implement acquisition as a set of image. This mean that user/application has to manually stop the acquisition process. The acquisition process take advantage of ADF. In flegita, this is shown by the buttons “Stop” or “Next”. If the output format is PDF, flegita write all image in the same file, one page per image. For other image format, the behavior keep being the same.

The acquisition dialog has been a lot review and is now far more HIG compliant, text are more useful. I also fix a lot of bug, including the crazy value of the progress bar. I updated translation and documentation. I weren’t able to contact the deutsch translator, so only the french translation is updated.

Download at usual download page. I update screenshots and documentation at GnomeScan homepage.


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