Hi all,

I’m very happy to announce you the availibility of Gnome Scan 0.3.1. This version is what should have been Gnome Scan 0.3. A lot of bugs has been fixed. Translations are uptodate in french, deutsch and catalan. The data receiving process has been review in order to support Grey, RGB and three-pass acquisition (e.g. all red then all blue then all green data). I intend to support multiple depth in the future. Note that the final result will always be a GdkPixbuf with its limitations : 8bit per sample, RGB only, etc. But choosing lower depth or different colorspace allow to fasten acquisition, and more.

This version include a filled NEWS file for maintainers. Sadly, svn log wasn’t able to output all changelog, need to investigate more in order to get a good ChangeLog file.

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