Today i release 0.4.1 version of gnome-scan. This is a bugfix release. It handle resolution enum and drop dual resolution handling. Thanks Jean-François Fortin for reporting the bug and Philipp Sadleder for the patch.

Gnome Scan 0.4 is far too hardcoded. It’s incredible to see how gnome-scan 0.5 change this. I really don’t want to maintain 0.4 branch, it’s a waste of time. I won’t maintain any paste branch with 0.X version number.

You can test gnome-scan 0.5 SVN by using ubuntu packages i provide at

deb http://bersace03.free.fr/ubuntu feisty universe

The repository contains gnome-scan SVN and all the dependencies. (babl and gegl SVN). Deb sources are available.

Currently, gnome-scan 0.5 implements device and sink configuration. Acquisition works one or multiple (sane backend does not support yet multiple acquisition). No preview area yet, not rotation nor any processing yet. Also, beware that flegita overwrite existing files. Anyway, with gnome-scan 0.5, you can taste all the new features and improvements. I let you discover them ;).


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