Back from scouting

July 30, 2007

Hi all Gnome lovers,

I’m back from 17 days of scouting in nature. This was great. I published some photos of the camp at Faye in Nièvre. I came back last friday and was exhausted.

I didn’t resumed yet Gnome Scan development. I’ll take the time to think the future of Gnome Scan, espcially OCR. Sadely, there were not that much work on OCRopus during the past 3 weeks. I wonder how to pass data to the application. OCRopus output is in HTML with OCR tags. That’s useful but not very clean. I wonder how to integrate that in AbiWord.

So, my plan for the end of the summer is to implement OCR, rotation, Gimp and Abiword plugin.

6 Responses to “Back from scouting”

  1. elmarco Says:

    Yay! welcome back!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Excellent ! J’ai fait ça pendant 10ans chez les Scouts d’Europe : tente surélevée, rangeos, mats boursus, explo, etc.

    Par contre je bigle un peu sur les photos. Z’etes des SUF ?

    Benoît / Sanglier A.C.

  3. Étienne Bersac Says:

    À Sanglier A., oui nous sommes SUF. Pour ma part, j’ai prononcé ma promesse chez les Europes. :)

  4. SEJeff Says:

    Not sure if you saw it, but Tesseract released version 2.0. The most noticeable difference is that english text is almost perfectly recognized. (sorry, my only language is english).

    It seems to choke on the accents in words like Étienne everytime though. Just thought you might want to play with the latest tesseract now that it has improved so much.

  5. Étienne Bersac Says:

    Hi SEJeff,

    I’m aware of tesseract. OCRopus is a layer over tesseract which add layout analysis and language statistics. OCRopus intend to use more than tesseract (e.g. hocr, gocr, ocrad and such).


  6. PauLoX Says:

    Hi and welcome back from your scout’s camp!

    I’m an italian scout (Scouts d’Europe), I believe it is evident that the usage of Free Software is much more in line with Scoutism and Catholic Doctrine than fully closed, non Free solutions.

    I’m co-founder of the project Open Scout : The OpenScout’s main aim is to spread the free software culture in Scouting, through the participation of volunteers.

    I’m also co-founder of the international project Elèutheros : A catholic approach to computer science.

    I hope you’re interested to this project.

    Good work with GnomeScan and scoutism.

    Buona Caccia!

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