Gnome Scan 0.5.93

February 27, 2008


I’m very pleased to announce the availability of Gnome Scan 0.5.93. It’s a very good release, it’s not 0.6 only because i want to wait until hard code freeze in order to get more translation, and feedback. This annoucement include 0.5.92 version which was released monday.

  • Clean preview handling allowing to use hardware capability
  • Manual page orientation handling
  • Use 75.dpi as hardcoded resolution, this is more common accross backend.
  • Accurate preview area ROI selection using real rather than integer.
  • Fixed preview acquisition progress bar not shown (regression).
  • Fix lots of ref/unref leaks both GeglBuffer and widgets
  • Automatic per app option saving in GConf
  • Automatic color enhancement.
  • Use a waiting cursor if probing in background.
  • Dropped buggy printing in flegita.
  • About dialog is back.
  • Depends on GEGL 0.0.16 (this won’t change until 0.7.1).
  • Reworked and completed documentation, needs some tutorial, but API is not stable enough for that.

Without color enhancement



With color enhancement enabled

As you can see, there is tons of bug fixes, 0.5.9X are really beta version, even if the API and internal code are meant to change in the future, i wanted to get a stable version enough for production. Please test it and translate it ! đŸ˜€

SVN has new tooltip API and minor changes. I plan only to document that all, fill bugs for next version and plan the future. 0.6 will be in time for Gnome 2.22 đŸ™‚


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