GNOME Scan 0.5.94

February 29, 2008


I’m very happy with feedback from 0.5.93 release. I merged 3 patches from Ross Burton and got translation updates. I decide to provide a new RC release due to the big amout of bug fixes this release has :

  • Migrate to new GTK+ tooltip API. Depends on GTK+ 2.12
  • Added blurb for PNG compression level option in flegita.
  • Translate application name in about flegita dialog.
  • Focus Forward button in GnomeScanAcquisitionDialog.
  • Fixed hidden option exposed in UI (bug #519331).
  • Don’t depends on libgnome and libgnomeui, thanks to Ross Burton (bug #519344). Fixed untranslated application name.
  • Don’t version modules, thanks to Ross Burton (bug #519350).
  • Cleaned up build system, thanks to Ross Burton.
  • Fixed GSFile backend not updated for a while. Migrated to GEGL 0.0.16, etc.
  • Use explicit gettext domain in library rather than using application defined one.

Updated translation from Jorge González (es), Étienne Bersac (fr) and Daniel Nylander (sv)

Sources are in GNOME FTP, Packages are available in my PPA. I may provide 0.5.95 monday march the 3rd and will release 0.6 monday march the 10th as promised. Please report bugs and translate 🙂


2 Responses to “GNOME Scan 0.5.94”

  1. Noran Says:

    On Fedora, flegita doesn’t detect my driver (HP Photosmart 2575 in network). Yet, With tarball, it works ! Surely a problem with packaging from fedora.

    With old version (0.4.x), I have no problem.

    An idea?

  2. Bart Says:

    Cool! Put this news in my blog!

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