I’m not good at following GNOME schedule. I do everything one or two month later :). I just started diving back in the development. I started by providing GEGL vala binding, without exactly knowing whether i will actually need it for GNOME Scan 0.8. Anyway, i activated vala in GNOME Scan build system. How long before automake support vala ?

I bumped version to 0.7.0 and will work on GNOME Scan. However, i have tons of things to do aside GNOME Scan : exams, scouting, drive permit, etc. I wish i’ll have the time to develop GNOME Scan before the freezes. Contributions are very welcome. However, GNOME Scan 0.8 needs some rework that can’t be done by a usual contributor. For sure, vala will speed up GNOME Scan development.

A good news, the windfarm_pm121 driver i wrote for iMac G5 iSight has been merged in Linus Torvald own tree :) I’m now one of the thousands contributors to linux kernel ! Thanks Benjamin Herrenschmidt for allowing this to happen.

This and GNOME Scan tells me that developing free software is actually what i want to do. This is why i submitted my CV to o-hand for their job offer for junion kernel developer and junior GUI developer. I know i can’t move on London next year, but working with a senior developer on free software is actually what i want to do for my firsts years of work after the university.



2 Responses to “Preliminary developments for 0.7”

  1. Étienne,

    Thanks for caring about the community and thanks again for gnome scan, an awesome piece of software. When will we see flegita is gnome by default? :)

    Keep it up.

  2. Olivier Says:

    Same question, why didn’t you propose gnome-scan for gnome 2.24 ?
    And is gnome-scan (you) be present in the Libre Graphics Meeting ?
    We still lack this blog on planet gnome…

    Bon courage…

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