No GNOME Scan 2.24

May 5, 2008


Next version of GNOME Scan will be 0.8, not 2.24. This show that GNOME Scan won’t be part of GNOME 2.24. A lot of you wonder why, and that’s a good question.

GNOME Scan still immature. 0.8 will see a lot of API breaks. GNOME Scan also depends on GEGL, a far from stable project which is actively developed by Øyvind Kolas and a lot of other people. SANE support is still incomplete. Some images data are misprocessed, sheetfed and cardreader are not supposed to work properly nor webcam.

Including GNOME Scan in GNOME plateform and flegita in GNOME desktop is not as simple as distributing it by default in your favorite distribution. This mean that we add GEGL as an external dependency, which i guess Øyvind would not like seems it imply supporting obsolete version. It also mean that GNOME Scan API must be stable enough accross version which i actually can’t assure yet.

However, not being included in GNOME doesn’t forbid your favorite distro to include it, neither your software to have a plugin using it.

All in one sentences : “Don’t include alpha project in GNOME desktop”.

Now, please tell me if i’m wrong :)



3 Responses to “No GNOME Scan 2.24”

  1. dr88dr88 Says:

    If you where replacing a working tool i would say it is a good move but currently gnome has no scanning tool so something is better than nothing. By including the tool you will also attract more developers. GIO missed allot of futures a few month before release and allot of developers jump on board to help finessed it.

  2. Hi,

    You’re right, but GIO API is stable. It’s just a matter of implementing new features in GVFS.


  3. Jones Lee Says:

    I totally agreed. Why not still put it in GNOME 2.23, then if before the deadline and the package is not yet mature enough then we can push it out of the release set.

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