GNOME Scan idled

June 5, 2008


I’m pretty busy with scouting and other stuff. Also vala seems not yet able to handle subnamespace and that break mixing C/GObject and vala (can’t call C/GObject code from Vala). This is pain.

All these issues leads me to idle GNOME Scan for this summer. I’m quite disappointed because i don’t have time but i’m actually willing to get GNOME Scan included. I’m leaving the university and thus i’m searching a job. Next year, i don’t want to move out of Paris, but i actually want to work on GNOME and especially GNOME Scan. I may do a call for a job later.



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  1. mog Says:

    subnamespaces should work fine since a while.

  2. Hi,

    vapigen does not handle subnamespaces, thus i can’t create internal vapi in order to use C/Gobject from vala. There’s also the GValue issue. Vala is nice but quite immature for GNOME Scan.


  3. juergbi Says:

    Hi Étienne,

    there are certainly workarounds possible for the subnamespace limitation of vapigen. It should for example be pretty easy to just not use nested namespaces in an internal vapi, i.e. just use Gnome or GnomeScan as the namespace. The other possbility is to handwrite the vapi file or manually fix the generated vapi file; this depends on the size of the vapi file, of course.

    The main issue with GValue has been fixed some time ago, Jaap is using it, as far as I know. The implicit and explicit cast support is still missing for GValue but that’s just added comfort, it should work fine without that.

    I understand if you want to wait until Vala 1.0, though, not everyone wants to develop with a beta version of a compiler.

  4. mog Says:

    Hi Étienne,

    don’t get me wrong: I don’t like to convince you to use vala. I just wonder when i read that vala don’t support subnamespaces. In the vapi-gen-case it shouldn’t be a big deal to modify the generated vapi-file by hand till vapigen is able to do that.

    However, good luck for your last days on university, your job-search and gnome-scan.

  5. Hi,

    Many thanks for your feedbacks. I was quite off news about Vala, hard working on python/gtk project last weeks. I just read the 0.3.3 NEWS entry and didn’t see anything about GValue.

    I actually don’t blame vala. I just don’t have the time to use a beta compiler. I actually want to contribute to vala just like i do with GEGL. But that’s just a matter of time.

    I have to manage a scout camp for 36 boys during 21 days, that’s a huge job. Especially when you have dumb people wasting your time at university for dumb diploma. I’m pretty sick to have to fight against university to work on such useful project like GNOME Scan.

    Sadly, i’ll have 5 weeks of scouting this summer and two weeks of family. This is far from the last summer of code ! GNOME Scan needs contributors, but at such stage, i wonder how much can be done without my advice.

    Best regards,

  6. John Says:

    Hi to everybody.
    How it’s possible that in a project so important work only one person?
    Where are Gnome developers? Is Gnome in decadence?
    I hoped to use Gnome Scan, it was my favorite project.
    Good luck Étienne for your new job!

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