November 13, 2008

I’m very proud to announce the inclusion of Philipp Sadleder in GNOME Scan development team. His first commit replaced vapi with gir binding. Welcome Philipp !

Thanks to Philipp, GNOME Scan development wakes up. I’m learning to do few commits after work, trying not to spend all the night debugging ! I fixed a bug in GEGL causing black image and ported GNOME Scan SVN to GEGL SVN.

The schedule is to do most of the hard work before for Christmas and debug, polish, document starting from january to get GNOME Scan 0.8 along GNOME 2.26.

The Roadmap for 0.8 is to review option handline (both design and GUI), add back PDF output, revamp dialog, etc. All new code is supposed to be in vala. I don’t know yet if we can call internal C/Gobject from vala, if not, wi’ll have to rewrite all lib/ in vala. Not that painful since there is a lot of class to split in several class, etc. Vala has also a great advantage : it allows to drop glib-mkenum and friends :).


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  1. Peteris Krisjanis Says:

    It is cool to know that you and Gnome Scan are back alive and kickin! 🙂 Thanks Philipp for getting involved 🙂

    Is there any plans for some PPA build for Jaunty or Intrepid to test it? Is svn in buildable state now? 🙂

  2. Hi Peteris,

    SVN should be usable with GEGL SVN, but there is a huge rewrite on my disk that is going on. I plan to ship a 0.7.1 for Xmas, with .deb and all the fun.


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