GNOME Scan 0.6.1 and updates

December 6, 2008


Due to demand, I decided to branch 0.6 and maintain it a bit. Gnome Scan 0.4 is still tryied by some users due to ubuntu but it has blocker bug. So was 0.6 along older version of Gegl. So i updated 0.6 to Gegl 0.0.21 SVN, fixed a tiny bug about cursor and add support for Gimp 2.6 menu layout to Gimp plugin.

Download it at .

Today, i got Gnome Scan to actually scan the file. Building the Gegl pipeline is step is to port GSane to new API. There is still a lot of work until feature partity : preview, processing, Gimp plugin, etc. Then documentation etc. Nevertheless, i committed the work to SVN in order to allow tester an contributors to participate. I’ll publish a 0.7.1 version before Christmass at all cost, including no preview or no gimp plugin.



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  1. Martin Says:

    Thank you for the 0.6.1 release! It is great that you take care of the existing users.

    Looking forward to the next version of gnome-scan.

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