0.6.2 in Ubuntu Karmic

July 14, 2009


Finally, GNOME Scan 0.6.2 got updated in Ubuntu. They used the old “gnomescan” packaging so if you use my packaging (in my PPA), you should uninstall it before using Ubuntu packaging.

Fedora and Foresight looks updated.


5 Responses to “0.6.2 in Ubuntu Karmic”

  1. antistress Says:

    Great thanks for your work on GNOME scan

  2. fabioamd87 Says:

    it shouldn’t be gnome-scan instead of gnomescan?

    [√Čtienne: yes, it should]

  3. RPM Says:

    Hey Etienne –

    I went to the website and there’s no documentation. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to scan in a regular 8.5×11″ paper, and then, publish it to a decent-sized *.pdf? All I can scan in is A4’s and they bloat to some 11mb in *.pdf form.

    Love the product if I could get it to work. Any and all advice appreciated. Using Ubuntu 9.04 and Flegita 0.4.1.


  4. maska Says:

    thanks for gnome scan!

  5. Tom Wright Says:

    Hi, I know you are busy but would it be possible to get JPG and PDF working again in the new version; right now that is a quite annoying issue.

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