GNOME Scan needs love

December 11, 2009


GNOME Scan is a asleep. Bugs are triaged and sometime fixed, but no development occurs on master.

There is tons of features to implement. Many uses cases and users. This is definitively a nice project. GNOME Scan just needs love.

So anyone wanting to write code, add features, use new GNOME technologies is welcome. I’ll be glad to help anyone !

Thanks !


3 Responses to “GNOME Scan needs love”

  1. Blimundus Says:

    As you can see in this blog post today:, there is a lot of interest in getting scanning to work in Gnome.

  2. John Says:

    Not sure about the overlap with this project, maybe they’re open to collaboration?

  3. aklapper Says:

    Yeah, please definitely talk to the simple-scan folks how to join forces. Also see .

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