One year later, i have to admit that GNOME Scan wasn’s as dead as i though. Thanks to Philipp SADLEDER, the team triaged bugs, kept master uptodate with GNOME hosting and dependencies, etc. I decided to release a quite stable snapshot of master, even if no fundamental features were added, to allow further developments.

This release was built with vala 0.7.6. It support SANE 1.0.20 which require some more controls from the frontend. Some bugs were fixed and minor features were added. I also added unit testing framework. Here are some details :

  • Added option value preselection. Preselect resolution, papersize and format ;
  • Compute scanner icon (e.g. multifunction printer) ;
  • Support pixel device (e.g. webcam) ;
  • Handle hardware extent. Filter papersize not fitting hardware extent ;
  • Fixed bugs:
    • inverted black&white on 1bit scan.
    • perpetual waiting cursor and call to null GdkWindow in GnomeScanDialog.

You will find sources at usual place :

No binary packages are planned. Help is still welcome. Next step is to write tests and continue development of features ! There are some news to go, stay tuned 🙂



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  1. ChristopheP Says:

    Heureux de voir que Gnome-scan soit toujours “alive”! J’espère que cela ravivra la flamme auprès des développeurs. Continuez!

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