What next for Gnome Scan ?

August 22, 2007

Hi everybody,

The end of th Google SoC 2007 does not mean the end of development. I wish every GNOME students will continue to contribute and develop. Of course, i will continue Gnome Scan. Here is some stuff for Gnome Scan futur.

  • mid September : 0.5.2 including resurected Gimp plugin, printing and bugfixes.
  • end October : 0.5.3 including processing and improved preview area.
  • Christmas : libgnocr development should begin in order to get advanced OCR API and UI for Gnome. This will allow to update AbiScan plugin.

This is a rought roadmap, but it shows what i have in mind for Gnome Scan and OCR in Gnome.

I also have a bunch of random feature to implement :

  • scan from PDF (using poppler-glib ?)
  • scan to mail
  • capplet (calibration, color correction, etc.)
  • evolution plugin (scan to vCard)
  • gthumb/f-spot plugin (scan to albums)
  • deskew for everyone
  • bindings in python, C++ (for abiscan), vala, C# (for f-spot), …
  • hotplug with HAL (needs huge discussion and work with SANE people).
  • network sharing (again)

Stay tuned :)