Job found

September 18, 2008


This year, i’m no longer student. I sucessfuly pass exams and i’m now working as web developer at Nerim. I actually want to take to get GNOME Scan usable this year. Lukily, my employer is quite permissive about how I spend hours at Nerim.I plan to free each wednesday morning to have time for free software, possibily at home. Currently, i work on scout website (yet another project i have to release one time).

Vala has done nice steps forward, but i need .gir support to handle properly subnamespace (Gnome.Scan and not GnomeScan). But that’s a matter only when mixing pure C/GObject and vala code. I wonder if that make sense to rewrite all in Vala. Pretty useless. It even can be a pain to maintain GEGL vapi. I’ll check that as soon as i wake up GNOME Scan.

May GNOME Scan resurect this year.  Patches welcome.