gnome-terminal 2.13.2

I must say it has been extremely fun to take care of gnome-terminal since I claimed it on desktop-devel-list on January 4th. I hope I am not doing too bad a job as its new maintainer and, in case I am, people are welcome to tell me. Now, after releasing 2.13.1 little time after I took it over mainly because of a rather annoying bug introduced in 2.13.0, and after some more time of pregnancy, I could not give birth to the latest and coolest release of gnome-terminal ever.

I had worked on it, but there were some basic features I would really like to implement for 2.14, and I would barely have time to release the tarball on time for GNOME 2.13.5. Hence, I rushed to come up with some simple patches for roughly implementing some things I wanted, and applied some not-too-good patches after checking they were not too disruptive, and asked someone else to do the release for me (huge thanks to Emmanuele Bassi for doing it). The result, as you may guess, was pretty good: a reasonable amount of cool new and fixed stuff, together with a ton of bugs in my Inbox the following morning. Sorry for that.

Most of them were duplicates, at least, and there are basically two issues, one of which has already been fixed. The other ones (e.g. the huge tabs) are being worked on, and should land on CVS HEAD quite soon. Please bear with me. =) But really, besides this round of bizarre bugs, it’s pretty nice, please try it out!