Cleaning up for 2.14

I know this is not too important, but I like removing old cruft from our new shiny releases. Something I noticed when I adopted gnome-terminal was the remnants of .applications files, the predecessors of our current .desktop files, to which we migrated for compliance. These are now totally obsolete unless we want to support older versions of GNOME with the current applications, which is kind of impossible for a number of other reasons, and would be broken, considering the number of applications that no longer ship such files.

I thought it would be really nice if we could kill /usr/share/application-registry now, so I mailed desktop-devel-list about it and got some very good feedback (i.e. all but one of the modules in the desktop release are fixed). Now, I’ve issued an evil find from hell on our CVS repository, piped the result to some commands, and have reached a probably useful list of modules still shipping .applications files, which are fortunately few:

Come on, it should not take long to get rid of them, let’s do it!