Subversion, yay!

Seriously, I cannot even believe we may end up with soon! This rocks so much that I will only believe it after it happens. And seeing it work is also too damn cute:

$ svn co atomix
A atomix/atomix-logo.png
A atomix/AUTHORS
A atomix/themes

$ svn co svn+ssh:// gnome-terminal
A gnome-terminal/AUTHORS
A gnome-terminal/
A gnome-terminal/src

Now we only have to get over with the basic user guide the Sysadmin Team promised so people complaining realize how great this change is.


2 thoughts on “Subversion, yay!”

  1. Subversion is amazing really. A GNOME/Nautilus extension could also be done for simple GUI use.

    CVS will be dead in a few years if not months > 12. It is a shame that Sourceforge has not done the switch yet.

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