Experimental Top 15

Based on the cool statistics we have on Bugzilla, people had been requesting such kind of information for other GNOME services too for quite some time.

So here we go with the first half of it. There is now an experimental “Top 15” for tarball uploaders on http://ftp-master.gnome.org/~gpastore/top15.html: it will contain monthly information (which means tarballs uploaded in March will not count for the statistics in April), and will sort people with the same number of uploaded tarballs by whoever uploaded a tarball first.

Suggestions welcome, and patches for the page too: I’m really quite far from being an HTML expert 😉 Enjoy!

One thought on “Experimental Top 15”

  1. Maybe it should be Top 15 of the last 4 weeks instead of the last Month because it would be more dynamic not to erase the statistics on every 1st of the next month

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