appdata-tools is dead

PSA: If you’re using appdata-validate, please switch to appstream-util validate from the appstream-glib project. If you’re also using the M4 macro, just replace APPDATA_XML with APPSTREAM_XML. I’ll ship both the old binary and the old m4 file in appstream-glib for a little bit, but I’ll probably remove them again the next time we bump ABI. That is all. :)

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3 thoughts on “appdata-tools is dead”

  1. What is the best way to conditionnaly use APPSTREAM_XML in ? In my project, Im’ using APPDATA_XML, and someone working on a pltaform without appdata sent me the following patch:


    Does that looks correct ?

  2. Hi,

    rpmlint in F21 is appears to be calling “appdata-validate”, a bug should be filed against that if there isn’t one already.


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