tl;dr: You need an application icon of at least 64×64 in size

At the moment the appstream-builder in Fedora requires a 48x48px application icon to be included in the AppStream metadata. I’m sure it’s no surprise that 48×48 padded to 64×64 and then interpolated up to 128×128 (for HiDPI screens) looks pretty bad. For Fedora 28 and higher I’m going to raise the minimum icon size to 64×64 which I hope people realize is actually a really low bar.

For Fedora 29 I think 128×128 would be a good minimum. From my point of view the best applications in the software center already ship large icons, and the applications with tiny icons are usually of poor quality, buggy, or just unmaintained upstream. I think it’s fine for a software center to do the equivalent of “you must be this high to ride” and if we didn’t keep asking more of upstreams we’d still be in a world with no translations, no release information and no screenshots.

Also note, applications don’t have to do this; it’s not like they’re going to fall out of the Fedora — they’re still installable on the CLI using DNF, although I agree this will impact the number of people installing and using a specific application. Comments welcome.

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7 thoughts on “tl;dr: You need an application icon of at least 64×64 in size”

  1. Great idea. Also add complete, current, and clear user documentation/help to the “you must be this high to ride” bar.

    So many applications have poor, incomplete, out of date, or even no end user documentation or help.

    Time for the upstream to step up to the bar, or be left behind.

      1. True, there is no point in rasterizing icons on every redraw. Rasterizing SVGs to very small icons also going to reduce their quality. But to have an option to generate icons for your specific settings is a dream anyway:)

  2. Will upstreams be auto-notified in some way? This seems like one of many issues where being able to engage with upstreams over automated communications channels would be really useful, e.g. automated emails to project maintainers, or a bot auto-filing issues with upstream projects issue trackers (e.g., on GitLab, GitHub, …).

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    1. $ du -h /usr/share/app-info/icons/fedora/64×64/darktable.png /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/darktable.svg
      8.0K /usr/share/app-info/icons/fedora/64×64/darktable.png
      40K /usr/share/icons/hicolor/scalable/apps/darktable.svg

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