The LVFS is now a Linux Foundation project

The LVFS is now an official Linux Foundation project! I did a mini-interview if you want some more details about where the project came from and where it’s heading. I’m hoping the move to the Linux Foundation gives the project a lot more credibility with existing LF members, and it certainly takes some of the load from me. I’ll continue to develop the lvfs-website codebase as before, and still be the friendly face when talking to OEMs and ODMs.

In the short term, not much changes, although you might start see some rebranding of the website itself. The server is also moving from a little VM in AMS to a fully scalable orchestrated thing maintained by people who actually understand how to be a sysadmin. If you’re interested in what’s happening on the LVFS, be sure to join the announcement mailing list. We’re averaging about 450,000 firmware downloads a month, and still growing steadily, with more and more vendors joining every month.

In related news, there’s lots of new firmware on the LVFS, much of it addressing serious CVEs on lots of different laptop models. If you’ve not updated recently, now is the time to fix that.

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3 thoughts on “The LVFS is now a Linux Foundation project”

  1. I just wanted to say thank for LVFS.
    It is awesome.
    Today, I started my debian machine and gnome-software informed me about a BIOS update on my xps13 laptop.
    I restarted my machine and everything went smoothly.
    What was a private garden of Windows is now a Linux strength.

  2. Congrats (and thanks for all your efforts)!

    Now, with the newfound corporate gravitas, would it be possible that a Vice President of Serious Business from LF could contact all those vendors that don’t want to support LVFS and ask them to reconsider? Just an idea ;)

    1. That’s the idea; it’s no longer some crazy bloke from Red Hat emailing random support@ email addresses — it can be one VP talking to another VP. It’s the next chapter in making the LVFS just another part of boring infrastructure that everyone uses.

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