MonkeySpace and Tomboy

Last week I had the privilege of attending MonkeySpace, in Boston, MA. MonkeySpace is focused on Mono, but I had the rare opportunity to meet with one of the developers of Tomdroid. Not only that, but we had several other interested developers that are likely to help with Tomboy and Macboy.

Great progress was made on several issues with Tomboy, Tomdroid and Macboy. Expect to see releases soon from all projects.

Also expect fixes for Tomboy and GNOME-SHELL integration.

2 thoughts on “MonkeySpace and Tomboy

    • So minor set back. After several different feedbacks I realized that I need to keep the Original Tomboy Search Notes screen as well as the Multiple notes option. Also I need to have the WikiWords note linking working too. So those two things need to be finished before I do a release. I’m about half way through and jugging away :)

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