New Storage Backends for Tomboy and Tomdroid

There have been a lot of discussions lately since the announcement of U1 support being dropped. Some have been good and some we just get no where. Here I believe is the latest status and something that I believe we can implement.

Your input welcome
Feature WebDAV SSH Git Gdrive Dropbox
Revisions x x x
Cloud Hosted Sorta Sorta x x x
Easy User Setup Sorta x x x
Existing Tomboy Support x x
Existing Tomdroid Support
Easy to Develop x x
The Gdrive API doesn’t appear too bad. Plus there are libraries for it for both Java and .Net. This is a huge plus.
Aaron says that he has experience with the Google Drive API.
The Dropbox API doesn’t look too bad either. Although, no libraries, but it should plug in fairly well with the existing SyncServer API that Tomdroid and Tomboy implement.
The CVS (get / mercurial) implementation would be cool (nerdy), but it does seem that it could be a lot more effort to implement. Also the user experience for Android would be rough.
It would seem possible that if we started a branch for the development of GDrive and or Dropbox and piled into it, both could be implemented within a few weeks.

Tomboy OSX Dashboard

I’ve been working on the last few critical pieces of Tomboy for OSX.

As a bit of history, since MonoMac has been released and the original Tomboy with GTK on Mac wasn’t working, I decided to right a Tomboy version using MonoMac. This would provide us the native bindings and views of an OSX application. I am also using the Tomboy-Library that has been in development since early 2012.

So today I need your input. Here is my latest version of the Tomboy Dashboard. It is very similar to the original Tomboy “Recent Notes” view. The dashboard will function an operate as Tomboy does today and will allow you to open as many Notes as you choose.

Tomboy Bug Smashing scheduled

The next Tomboy Bug smashing session has been scheduled!
We will be hanging at #tomboy on
I also will start a Google+ Hangout. I’m curious to see if anyone joins and if it is useful.
I will post a link for it 15 minutes before we start.

CHICAGO, United States, Illinois
3:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012
5:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012

NEW YORK, United States, New York
4:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012
6:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012

6:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012
8:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012

UTC / GMT, Universal / Greenwich Time
9:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012
11:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012

SAN DIEGO, United States, California
1:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012
3:00p Sat, Nov 24 2012

Doodle Link to the event.

MonkeySpace and Tomboy

Last week I had the privilege of attending MonkeySpace, in Boston, MA. MonkeySpace is focused on Mono, but I had the rare opportunity to meet with one of the developers of Tomdroid. Not only that, but we had several other interested developers that are likely to help with Tomboy and Macboy.

Great progress was made on several issues with Tomboy, Tomdroid and Macboy. Expect to see releases soon from all projects.

Also expect fixes for Tomboy and GNOME-SHELL integration.

Roadmap Discussion Sept 22, 2012


  • Aaron Borden
  • Robert
  • Stefan Hammer
  • Matteo
  • Jared Jennings
  • Plyuyten
    (Sorry, a few of you I only know your IRC handle)

We covered several awesome topics. All of them very important and worthwhile.

The Roadmap on GNOME is outdated and doesn’t reflect reality. We are going to remove Encryption from the list. We would like to get GTK3 Support going and also Jumplists. For now we are going to tackle zeitgeist integration as this should get us the most for our time.

Action Items

  • Remove encryption from Roadmap. We don’t have the development resources and this is a larger topic than what we can handle at this point.
  • Jumplists in GNOME we should have. It’s been waiting for a while and would be a big feature. There are a few examples out there, but nothing concrete.
  • Aaron will investigate GNOME searching and zeitgesit integration. This would fix searching issues within GNOME.
  • Remove Tomboy from Notification Area. Maybe this can be made into an add-in and then be an optional choice that the user can make. Jared will investigate this and see if it can easily be done.
  • Jared asked about saving Tomboy note content in HTML format, but it was agreed by everyone that this was not a good idea.
  • A quick status of Tomboy clients that are available in the world.
  1. Tomdroid has taken leaps and bounces with the two-way sync and editing support. The user base as grown big time. This means that we will need more than U1 for Server-Hosted note storage.
  2. Snowy. Aaron will contact Jeff to see if we can get involved in the process. More users want access and it sounds as if the server is solid enough to grant more access.
  3. Macboy (codename) OSX version of Tomboy is slated for a solid beta release by October 19th. This would be right after Monekey Space
  4. WP7 client? 

    We need more community involvement. So updating the Unit Tests and documention is a next step. Jared and Stefen will help with proof reading.

  • Matteo will be improving the Unit Tests.
  • Robert will be focusing again on Tomboy Library. Currently it’s a one-way sync, but that can change soon.

Also, it is expected that after Macboy has been release that an iOS version will soon follow.  Maybe by Jan 2013.

Macboy – Quick Update

Thought I would drop a quick status report. Tomboy on Mac (Codenamed Macboy) is moving closer to a Beta release.

Tonight I was able to support Bulleted Lists. I’m supper excited about this and also knowing that I will be able to keep backwards compatibility with existing versions of Tomboy.

Here’s a quick screen-shot to wet your appetites.

Thursday at Mono Hack Fest 2012

This week has been excellent for me and for the OpenSource community. I have several others have been at the Microsoft New England Research and Development center in Cambridge, MA developing on several applications. We have developers working on Banshee, Tomboy F-Spot, MonoDevelop, Plastic, Pinta and even some random projects.

The energy and brainpower that I feel this week is phenomenal. I also feel a real purpose in the room. I think partly because everyone here is focused on development and working together. The quality of persons and the desire to work together is outstanding.

I am very excited to report that at the end of Thursday I had Tomboy on OSX running and loading notes. We are using the new Tomboy-library and MonoMac and with these two pieces the development process has been minimal. Robert Nordan has been working on Tomboy-library this week and has a sweet search function implemented.

Here is an example from the current development of Tomboy for OSX.

You find follow other blog posts from this week MonoHackFest here.

Big thanks from us to Microsoft, GNOME and others for sponsoring us this week.

Release 1.11.2

Tomboy unstable release 1.11.2 is available.

* Performance fix for note deletion (#518431)
* Bump Mono profile to 4.0
* Ignore acronyms in spell-check (#675783 Alemann Massho)
* Update documentation, command-line usage
* Translation updates: cs, es, fr, gl, he, sl, sr, sv

Most interestingly in this release is the change that affects Ubuntu users. Users were having trouble compiling Tomboy on the latest releases of Ubuntu (Precise). Changing the default profile of the compiler to dmcs will allow users to compile with out issue and with the Mono 4.0 profile.

======== (6.32M)
sha256sum: 3c3a0c522278de4ff3e43f642bd77686f734a904894b2d4d260a70e4d20366c9