Release 1.11.2

Tomboy unstable release 1.11.2 is available.

* Performance fix for note deletion (#518431)
* Bump Mono profile to 4.0
* Ignore acronyms in spell-check (#675783 Alemann Massho)
* Update documentation, command-line usage
* Translation updates: cs, es, fr, gl, he, sl, sr, sv

Most interestingly in this release is the change that affects Ubuntu users. Users were having trouble compiling Tomboy on the latest releases of Ubuntu (Precise). Changing the default profile of the compiler to dmcs will allow users to compile with out issue and with the Mono 4.0 profile.

======== (6.32M)
sha256sum: 3c3a0c522278de4ff3e43f642bd77686f734a904894b2d4d260a70e4d20366c9

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