New Storage Backends for Tomboy and Tomdroid

There have been a lot of discussions lately since the announcement of U1 support being dropped. Some have been good and some we just get no where. Here I believe is the latest status and something that I believe we can implement.

Your input welcome
Feature WebDAV SSH Git Gdrive Dropbox
Revisions x x x
Cloud Hosted Sorta Sorta x x x
Easy User Setup Sorta x x x
Existing Tomboy Support x x
Existing Tomdroid Support
Easy to Develop x x
The Gdrive API doesn’t appear too bad. Plus there are libraries for it for both Java and .Net. This is a huge plus.
Aaron says that he has experience with the Google Drive API.
The Dropbox API doesn’t look too bad either. Although, no libraries, but it should plug in fairly well with the existing SyncServer API that Tomdroid and Tomboy implement.
The CVS (get / mercurial) implementation would be cool (nerdy), but it does seem that it could be a lot more effort to implement. Also the user experience for Android would be rough.
It would seem possible that if we started a branch for the development of GDrive and or Dropbox and piled into it, both could be implemented within a few weeks.

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