Wed 18 Feb 2004

  • File Selector: I volunteered to help Federico clean up the file selector for the 2.4 release. It’s been really nice to work on GTK+ again. I hadn’t done much in the way of widget work in the last couple months, and it felt good to write a size_allocate function.

  • Sysadmin: Spent large parts of last week and this doing sysadmin work, both for and for my home machine. I’m currently fully stymied by cyrus. I tried to migrate Zana’s mail to a newer version, to no luck. It just isn’t noticing that the mail is there. It’s extremely frustrating for me, and I’m really close to just dumping cyrus for something I can understand. If anyone has a good idea of how cyrus’s on-disk format works, please let me know.

  • books: “Reading Lolita in Tehran”. It’s well written, and a good description of post-revolutionary Iran, albeit one that’s a few years dated. I would still love to go tour Iran some day, but not in the near future. Some day…

  • control center: As I promised Jody, I’ve been going through theme-manager bugs last week. A good chunk of the bugs are old and can be closed, but there were some good ones there. Hopefully it will play nicer with some people now.