Wed 18 Feb 2004

  • File Selector: I volunteered to help Federico clean up the file selector for the 2.4 release. It’s been really nice to work on GTK+ again. I hadn’t done much in the way of widget work in the last couple months, and it felt good to write a size_allocate function.

  • Sysadmin: Spent large parts of last week and this doing sysadmin work, both for and for my home machine. I’m currently fully stymied by cyrus. I tried to migrate Zana’s mail to a newer version, to no luck. It just isn’t noticing that the mail is there. It’s extremely frustrating for me, and I’m really close to just dumping cyrus for something I can understand. If anyone has a good idea of how cyrus’s on-disk format works, please let me know.

  • books: “Reading Lolita in Tehran”. It’s well written, and a good description of post-revolutionary Iran, albeit one that’s a few years dated. I would still love to go tour Iran some day, but not in the near future. Some day…

  • control center: As I promised Jody, I’ve been going through theme-manager bugs last week. A good chunk of the bugs are old and can be closed, but there were some good ones there. Hopefully it will play nicer with some people now.

Mon 17 Dec 2001

  • passages: I threw out two old friends this weekend. I’ve had both of them since my freshman year in college, and both of them have survived the move between dorm rooms, apartments, and our house. The first was my old computer hutch. The second was my old smiley-face beanbag, that the dog had adopted. While both had lasted long beyond what was reasonable for their lifetime, I kept on to them.

  • control center: Wrote a mouse-properties capplet this past week or two. Keyboard properties is next on my list. I’ll probably tackle it over Christmas.