Hello Planet GNOME!

Woohoo, now starts Google Summer of Code! Or rather, it officially started on Monday, but we only now got added to the planet. Thanks to Alberto Ruiz for pulling an all-nighter and getting all the new interns syndicated to Planet GNOME.

My name is Kalev Lember and I am a GNOME System Settings GSoC intern this year. Many of you might know me from my Fedora related work where I help with GNOME packaging.

During the summer I will be working on improving the Date & Time panel. This includes implementing the new gnome-control-center designs from https://live.gnome.org/Design/SystemSettings/DateAndTime and adding geolocation support to gnome-settings-daemon. My mentor is Zeeshan Ali.

Maps Hackfest

This week I had a unique opportunity of meeting my mentor in person. I am sure most GSoC interns only know theirs from IRC!

Besides me, Zeeshan has another intern who’s also from Gothenburg — Mattias Bengtsson. Mattias is working on the new Maps application and Zeeshan flew here for the GNOME Maps hackfest: https://live.gnome.org/Hackfests/Maps2013. We spent most of the week hacking on Maps and socializing.

Even though it wasn’t directly related to my GSoC project, it was still very fun and I feel like I managed to help out as well. I implemented printing and helped with bug squashing in other modules that affected Maps.

Best luck to all new interns and I hope to meet all of you at GUADEC. And thanks for having me, GNOME!

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