GNOME season #10 – “Nothing to see here, move along please”

So what were the earlier seasons about?

  • #1 – The ORB wars (“How to OOM fast – though components sound fun!”)
  • #2 – You can really *scale* this icon on the desktop (“Janitor vs. leaky barge”)
  • #3 – Bonobites vs. eazelites (“Set copenhagen on fire”)
  • #4 – From steering committee to foundation (“From the blackest night into murky waters”)
  • #5 – Breaking the chains (“Who needs a stable branch”)
  • #6 – Piecing it together (“Everone needs a 2.0”)
  • #7 – The long and stable road (“Time based is everything”)
  • #8 – Watch that language (“To which evil empire do we succumb”)
  • #9 – Idiots with misshapen features (“To place a window or not place a window”)

I’m sure we still have a few more seasons in us so let’s get back to work. Mmm where’s that chocolate…

Every time I see clouds brewing on the horizon I visit this site to get myself a good laugh:

Update: I did not mean that we shouldn’t take the issue at hand seriously at all. I surely will. Bad choice of title on my end and probably bad choice of analogies too. Sorry Jeff, in no way think you deserve to be characterized the way Murray did. There has to be better ways for us to settle differences between people and groups within the community than this…

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