Bug in gettext that affects GNOME translations

I’ve seen a problem in my translations lately where all C octal escaped UTF-8 characters are converted to the same unicode character, namely ‘ے’ – or YEH BARREE.

I reported a bug against gettext here:

Today it was confirmed as a bug in gettext which will be fixed in the next release.

Translators should check their translations and see if they’ve been affected by the same issue. A quick grep through my source tree shows that it does 🙂

Update: Newly built packages with the fix can be found here:


git to the resque – gimme back my bytes

Long time no blog – but I’ll make it short even so 🙂

Just a tip that might come in handy for those who haven’t found it out on their own


[kmaraas@e4300 gtk+-2(gtk-2-24 *)]$ du -h


379M    .
[kmaraas@e4300 gtk+-2 (gtk-2-24 *)]$ git gc
Counting objects: 298483, done.
Delta compression using up to 2 threads.
Compressing objects: 100% (50306/50306), done.
Writing objects: 100% (298483/298483), done.
Total 298483 (delta 252603), reused 293574 (delta 247802)
Checking connectivity: 298483, done.

[kmaraas@e4300 gtk+-2(gtk-2-24 *)]$ du -h

293M    .

That’s 90 MB for free…


GoOpen 2011

Just home from this year’s GoOpen conference and wanted to share the only mention of GNOME I registered during the two days the conference lasted 🙂

Simon Phipps gave a talk about software freedom in which he listed a few criteria for being a truly open project. One of those were “Dirty laundry”. Simon said something along the lines of “If the dirty laundry is hidden that’s a bad sign for any project. Which shows what an authentic open project GNOME is.” 🙂

Yay dirty laundry!

Various stuff

Long time no blog…

Been busy with life and work lately and haven’t been making too much noise in this sphere.

So, since we moved into our new house a couple of years ago we now have fruit trees in our garden. Three plum trees, two apple trees and one pear tree. Previous years weren’t so bad, but this year is crazy with regards to the amount of fruit that has grown on the trees. Several of them have broken from the weight of the fruit and my back is aching from removing the fallen fruit from the ground before the neighbourhood smells like a barrel of unfinished wine 🙂 Still it’s nice to be able to just pop out into the garden to pick fresh fruit.

Have barely been able to keep up with GNOME development, but I’ve managed to keep the Norwegian bokmÃ¥l translations fairly updated and have done the occacional jhbuild to see if things work as intended. Fedora rawhide has been mostly nice to me also, though I’ve been seeing one problem where the machine locks up randomly from time to time.

This has forced me to boot with maxcpus=1 which makes the machine stable across many suspend/resume cycles etc. This first happened to me when KMS was enabled in rawhide so it’s most likely a driver problem in the intel driver, but it seems nobody else is seeing the same thing apparently. At first it started out with Evolution or a terminal going crazy and ending up in uninterruptible sleep (D state) and shortly after that the machine tended to hang. These days I just get the hang with no warning so it’s difficult to gather more data.

Bug report is here if someone is seeing something similar

Also been trying out the llvm/clang statical analyzer and it seems it generates tons of false positives due to not understanding that g_return* and g_assert etc actually return? Is there a way to suppress these warnings maybe? Overall it looks very similar to the Coverity checker and covers mostly the same kind of errors from what I can see. Going to be interesting to follow this going forward.

If anyone wants some nice pop music for free some friends just released their new album and it’s available for download here: http://www.pogopops.com/download/action_free192.zip – enjoy 🙂

GNOME season #10 – “Nothing to see here, move along please”

So what were the earlier seasons about?

  • #1 – The ORB wars (“How to OOM fast – though components sound fun!”)
  • #2 – You can really *scale* this icon on the desktop (“Janitor vs. leaky barge”)
  • #3 – Bonobites vs. eazelites (“Set copenhagen on fire”)
  • #4 – From steering committee to foundation (“From the blackest night into murky waters”)
  • #5 – Breaking the chains (“Who needs a stable branch”)
  • #6 – Piecing it together (“Everone needs a 2.0”)
  • #7 – The long and stable road (“Time based is everything”)
  • #8 – Watch that language (“To which evil empire do we succumb”)
  • #9 – Idiots with misshapen features (“To place a window or not place a window”)

I’m sure we still have a few more seasons in us so let’s get back to work. Mmm where’s that chocolate…

Every time I see clouds brewing on the horizon I visit this site to get myself a good laugh:

Update: I did not mean that we shouldn’t take the issue at hand seriously at all. I surely will. Bad choice of title on my end and probably bad choice of analogies too. Sorry Jeff, in no way think you deserve to be characterized the way Murray did. There has to be better ways for us to settle differences between people and groups within the community than this…

Releases and new blog

Just put out some releases for 2.20.1

libgnome/libgnomeui 2.20.1: Some nice fixes for the file chooser by Federico and friends

libbonobo 2.20.1: Matthias plugged a couple leaks

gconf 2.20.1: Minor stuff

ORBit2 2.14.10 : Jules Colding did a whole lot of fixing in the GIOP code

I finally got off my ass and moved my old blogs from advogato and pyblosxom to blogs.gnome.org. Hopefully this will help improve the blog frequency too 🙂


Benoit, sorry for encouraging Mariano to release a fixed tarball for you. I should have waited until you could do it yourself, and I take full responsibility for bypassing you and not following due process.

The incentive was never anything but to have a working tarball in the 2.18.0 beta, so I hope we can still use the end result since the changes made were trivial and only affected docs.

Please reconsider banning the tarball, and again, sorry for the confusion 🙂

Dear Spammer

This is your unique chance to prove for us that the spam prevention solution set up to protect my mail address here: kjartan.maraas@pilot.oslo.kommune.no is worth the cost.

If you want to do this for the rest of the mail addresses in that domain do not hesitate to contact me on the above mail address to get a copy of our mail address database.

Thanks kindly for all your help

Long time no blog!

Note to self: I really need to get my act together on the blog end and get myself set up with some software to help make it easy. If anyone sees a no.po file in GNOME CVS anywhere please lead me in the right direction so I can exterminate it for Joe’s pleasure.

It’s blogging time again…

So, four months passed and another release went out the door. I need to get into more regular blogging it seems. The real reason I’m writing this today is to get one of those fancy lookin’ pirate adornments 🙂

Started applying some patches for gnome-terminal this weekend and I was glad to see Dennis commited his HIGification patches too. They’ve been sitting in bugzilla for way too long. Also commited Alan Horkan’s patch to free unused fonts early so on the whole gnome-terminal should be using less memory than ever in HEAD CVS.

On that note I think we really need to blow some life into the memory reduction work again, or at least do some publicity work since it seems to have slowed down a bit again. The wiki page is there and people should feel free to add tasks and thoughts there at any time. I think we’re in better shape than ever though, so maybe that’s the reason the effort seems to have been slowing down.

Going to go through bugzilla for the modules I’m involved with the most and make sure every UI and string related patch gets in early this cycle and I urge all maintainers to do the same. We’ve had string changes and HIG fixes sitting in bugzilla for many release cycles without getting them commited which is bad. I’m also going to drop off the all-bugs alias for a while since it’s just way too much mail to handle and just becomes a time sink.