Recent hacking – March 2010

I want to try to keep posting on any hacking I get done, so here we go an update on my post from March 5 (of this year ;).

I managed to clean up my port of the GTK+ Quartz backend to the xi2 branch that I wrote about in my previous “recent hacking” blog post. The patch has been sent off to Carlos Garnacho for some sanity checking. Before or immediately after the xi2 branch will be merged with GTK+ master, this patch will be applied so that the Mac port will continue to work just fine. More work has to be done on the xi2 branch in general to figure out some semantics so that different kinds of multi-touch devices/drivers can be generically supported. The main difference here is that some drivers always have, say, 10 fingers/pointers active, and other drivers add/remove these fingers/pointers on the fly. This discussion will hopefully take place on gtk-devel-list soonish.

Also I continued to work on the CoreText backend. Ran into some trouble figuring out how to implement font matching and fallback fonts. It looks like we will not be able to depend on CoreText to do this for us (the interfaces it exports for this are insufficient to implement a proper Pango backend with), so we get to do it ourselves. I hope to find the time soon to complete this work and push the branch somewhere.

My first cairo patch got accepted! On 64-bit Snow Leopard there were issues with drawing dashed lines in GTK+. Turns out this was caused by the introduction of the new CGFloat types in CoreGraphics. The patch in FreeDesktop bug 25814 that resolves this has been committed now and it looks like other projects using Cairo took advantage of this as well.

Recently I spent time on preparing review of bug 71926. In here, we received a very large contribution that implements bg_pixmap in GtkTreeView (finally!) amongst some other fixes. I have split up the patch into digestible chunks and plan to start processing these soon.

When all above is done I plan to most likely work on moving all my ideas and unfinished patches for GtkTreeView to the wiki and Bugzilla. Hopefully somebody will find inspiration in there and start hacking and contributing, since I have realized that I cannot do it all by myself and won’t be able to do so in the near future.