GUADEC, and the GTK+ rendering-cleanup branch and Mac

Lanedo was so generous again to provide accommodation for GUADEC so I could be around for pretty much the entire week. For the first time in years we had proper space for hacking, so a bunch of my colleagues and me spent most of the week hacking. We also talked with people, honest! Also power was plentiful available (often a problem). In its entirety GUADEC was pretty well arranged this year, thanks to all volunteers involved!

Either way, for most of the week I worked on getting GTK+’s rendering-cleanup branch to work properly with GTK+’s native Mac port. This involved debugging a bunch of evil/nasty clipping issues and hunting for missing cairo_destroy() calls after I figured that that can actually be an issue (on Mac). Result: the rendering-cleanup branch works fine on Mac now. As a second project I got offscreen windows to work in the Mac port, for now only in the rendering-cleanup branch. I hear all of this was merged in master yesterday!

The good part is that most of the rendering code has now been dealt with and doesn’t need much additional work as far I can see now. There’s still enough to do though, should be looking into selection/clipboard support (there’s some patches pending for this), keyboard/input methods, perhaps some of the performance issues people have mentioned (though in general, performance is pretty okay), etc. Ah yea, I must really finish up the CoreText backend for Pango as well before my code for that starts bitrotting…

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  1. Just Pango. From CoreText we can get the CoreGraphics font, which Cairo supports for drawing glyphs. CoreText will replace ATSUI, since ATSUI has been deprecated in recent OS X releases.

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