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Started reading the new Brand Identity Guidelines for Ubuntu (available here).

Page 1… Wait!

“Not empty words or snappy jingles but something – a conviction that access to information should be fast, sophisticated, safe, reliable and entirely free. We stand for the very best operating system in the world, created by the expert few for the global many.”

Hmmm… Am I a member of expert few or global many?!?! I need an identity 😉

Well, an actual expert in Ubuntu world could be Flavia Weisghizzi, our (ubuntu-it) lovely press agent. Today she was on video at Rai3, talking about Ubuntu 10.04 release. If you are able to understand spoken Italian language, follow the link below, if not… maybe we’ll add subtitles 🙂

Neapolis, May 6 2010, Ubuntu 10.04 Release

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  1. I’d say you are one of the “expert few (thousands)”. Considering Ubuntu is used by millions and created by thousands (including upstreams), 1:1000 ratio puts you in the first group of “few” 🙂

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