Say it with your colors

A screenshot from Ubuntu Branding PDF

Exhibit #1 — screenshot of the page with new color palette for Ubuntu branding, taken from the PDF available here.

Screenshot with colors changed to match defined HEX colors

Exhibit #2 — Same as above, edited in GIMP to use colors reported as HEX value.

Same screenshot, but using color values provided as CMYK

Exhibit #3 — Same screenshot, similar editing in GIMP, but using CMYK values.

Doubt: which one is the correct one?? 😉


  • not sure CMYK could render in a proper way on a screen, it’s for printing
  • the right one should be #2 (the same used for new website) – while I prefer #1
  • where is aubergine?!?!?!?!? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Say it with your colors”

  1. I would guess for a writing mishap.

    #DD4814 is obviously wrong.
    #DD7814, which is a close one on the number block, is almost exactly the color Pantone 1665 represents.

    My closest guess.

    But judging from the CMYK values it should be much more red than it looks like…

  2. The orange in original.png is how i wish it rendered for me, but I see all the oranges as the one in CYMK, which is IMHO horrible and eye bleeding.

  3. @vish
    I was sure aubergine was for a generic “commercial”, as opposite of “community”; for instance, if we’ll add in website an area listing companies that provide commercial support in Italy, this could/should be aubergine. Or it could be used as alternate color here and there.

    Am I wrong?

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