Gnome-Mud 0.11 Released!

After a very long hiatus we have just released the brand new 0.11 release of Gnome-Mud!  This represents a great deal of work over the older 0.10.x branches.  It is essentially a complete rewrite of the application from the ground up.  What this release does is change Gnome-Mud into a nice looking, well behaving, and modern Gnome application.

Hello, Beautiful

Not only that but there’s an absolute ton of new features added including support for the Mud Sound Protocol (which allows for sound effects and music to be played on muds that support it), SOCKS proxy support (versions 4 and 5), per connection input history, and a completely rewritten netcode layer that provides RFC compliant Telnet support. For a full feature list check out our wiki page.

Mart Raudsepp also contributed a really nice input widget for Gnome-Mud.  It’s a standard GtkTextView but it appears to be an entrybox until enough text is entered that it needs a new line to display it all.  At that point the input widget will automatically adjust it’s size so it can display all of the input.  Right now the height limit is set to 5 and if there are more lines than that a scroll bar will appear.  Its really neat and intuitive and works even when text is pasted into it or when the user cycles through the input history.

Input Widget

This is an important release. It gives us a great foundation on which to start building even more features into the client as we push for 1.0.  There are sadly a few regressions: Keybindings, Python plugins, and Variables didn’t make it in this rewrite.  However they are all in store for the 0.12 release!