Iconviews are Neat

Well after a big bout of hacking I managed to rip six files out of Gnome-Mud and replace them with two files that do the same job in a more usable and nice manner.  Previously, if you wanted to add a new mud connection to gnome mud it required 2 obtuse dialog boxes and entering in way too many options.  Plus, if you didn’t check a magic check box during the mud setup it wouldn’t show up as an available mud to connect to!

Not only that, the old code barfed into the gnome-mud gconf directory and left all sorts of orphaned keys. Clearly, this had to go.

All that has been replaced with this:

Iconview Prettiness

If you have more than a single character on a mud it will just display that mud twice with the different character names. No more treeview-itis.   The new property editor has been pruned quite a bit as well with all the extraneous settings that didn’t actually do anything removed:

Connection Properties

Lastly, I need an icon chooser.  The one being currently used out there is still gnome-icon-entry but since I spent some time purging gnome-mud of gnomeui and friends I wasn’t eager to add a dependency to them back.  I ended up rolling my own and it is essentially a clone of the older gnome icon chooser:

Icon Chooser

I’m thinking about converting this to a widget and creating a button widget for it and trying to get this into GTK as a replacement for the older gnome library version.

Anyway, now on to redoing our trigger and alias ui!  0.12 ahoy!